About us

BGICS "Breast –Gynecological International Cancer Society" is a non-profit society aiming at promoting optimal standards of care for patients with breast gynecological cancers. It represents a committee of international-national members including Medical Oncologists, Surgical Oncologists, Gynecologists, Radiotherapists, Radiologists, and Pathologists exclusively dedicated to foster international multidisciplinary collaboration to highlight the updates on evidence-based practice to reach a guideline for the management of breast and gynecological cancers by the end of 2013. We are also aiming to establish a specialized BGICS Journal, hoping to see its 1st volume soon.

The BGICC "Breast –Gynecological International Cancer Conference” is the only conference specialized in the breast gynecological cancers in Africa and the Middle-East. Its ultimate goal is to ameliorate the prognosis and improve the quality of life of patients affected by this disease through undertaking and supporting international initiatives, sharing their experience implementing trials and to reach a consensus regarding the management of the breast & gynecological cancer aiming for Women Welfare.

High-profile doctors from all over the world cooperating as knowledge workers for the plight of the cancer patients. Their main value is their ability to gather and analyze information and make decisions that will benefit the cancer patient. BGICS is established to advance the art, science and practice of Medicine for the treatment of cancer by working collaboratively with other cancer organizations via arranging scientific conferences, professional exchanges, sharing knowledge and courses endeavors disseminating relevant ideas and research to the cancer community revealing the causes of Breast Gynecological cancer and the mechanisms of carcinogenesis, and to develop scientific strategies for the highest possible standard for cancer control.

To better educate the patients that our members work so hard to cure, BGICS works closely with the media to promote accurate articles on scientific breakthroughs. It also works with patient advocacy organizations to publish educational materials that keep patients and the public informed with the Novel Treatment regarding Breast-Gynecological Cancer.

Furthermore, BGICS has fulfilled its original intention of becoming a truly international Society and not restricting its influence and membership to one continent, or part of a continent by gathering members from all over the world.
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